About Us


Couture Dreams… just the name makes us dreamy of all things we love.  Couture Dreams was launched in the summer of 2011. Our Couture Dreams Collections were inspired by the fashion world, the renaissance movement, art deco simplicity and vintage elegance. Our Collections are meant to meld together creating beautiful and artistic statements. With neutral color palates, each collection is sophisticated and modern. Products can be paired with any type of decorating style from traditional to contemporary and from a coastal cottage to a lodge in the mountains…the choice is yours.

What makes our Couture Dreams products so unique is that each piece is handmade from hand screening oversized images or by hand placing hundreds of petals onto our fabrics. No two pieces are exactly the same, making each product a true piece of art.

We have been told that our designs are sexy and why shouldn’t they be. Like the frills and sophistication of a beautiful blouse or the graceful elegance of a bridal gown, the Couture Dreams philosophy is all about being bold and adding a breath taking element to a room. Many people dress the part, look trendy and stylish and with Couture Dreams products our clients can bring their fashionable and cool style to their homes.

Couture Dreams is co-owned by sister-in-laws, Jeanette DiCarlo & Jodi Marcario. With the support of their 7 kids (in total) and amazing husbands, they have been able to turn a dream into reality. Jeanette has an architectural and fine arts background from Rhode Island School of Design. Her work has been published in a variety of trade magazines and noted for state of the art design. Jodi trained as a Speech-Language Pathologist, diverted into the designing field 7 years ago. Together the duo saw a void in the textile/décor and bridal industries for cool and different products. They decided to take their creative abilities and put them to work.

Excited about the future, Couture Dreams can’t wait to show you their new and exciting products.